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Japanese restaurant fined Bt50,000 for promoting alcohol

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Just now, billd766 said:

It uipsets me because it ia a stupid and pointless law that achieves nothing towards reconciliation of the Thai people.


It is not a problem for me as I quit drinking alcohol on 1st June this year even though I still have plenty in the house.

What does reconciliation have to do with it ?


Its a law thats been around for a while, the big players know about it and promote in other ways.

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Bizarre and totally pathetic !

It is these draconian and sanctimonious laws which are then enforced with a puritan levels of hypocrisy which completely destroys attitudes towards Thailand...    With each news report such

Must be a pure coincidence that this law started getting enforced again when all the other money/fines going to the police started drying up.

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2 minutes ago, spidermike007 said:

When laws are totally inane, and lacking in any sort of real substance, how do they serve society? This law is akin to the pixelation of nudity in the cinema or of someone smoking a cigarette. How does that change, improve or affect anything? It is based entirely on false morality and a sort of shrill prudisness, and in no manner contributes to society or benefits the social fabric. 


Clear enough? 

Great, so you agree he broke the law and was punsished accordingly, not sure why all the butthurt.


speaking of butthurt I got 8 speeding fines in the mail yesterday, such an inane law lacking any sort of real substance that does not change, improve or affect anything.... I should make a thread crying about it.

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11 hours ago, YetAnother said:

ridiculous policy; beer-making-at-home big business grower these days

Home brewing is illegal in Thailand. I know this as an avid home brewer who was keen, but unable to continue my hobby when I arrived here.

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9 hours ago, richard_smith237 said:



Thailand faces major crime issues, theft, drugs etc... attacking these soft targets is nothing more than a money grab - anyone with half a brain can see straight through this. 




Right, so people should be able to get away with flaunting laws that are not major crimes then.


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