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Anyone who has or had a lipoma and got it removed in Bangkok? Could you please advise which hospital and how much for the treatment? I have (underarm part), quite big and it is now obvious when wearing a shirt. I went to the hospital that is set on social security and they informed that if I want to remove this, probably visit a cosmetic surgeon (which I think will be expensive) So I read some topics in the visa forum about this and saw that some went to the Camillian Hospital (Thonglor) and others went to Bangkok Christian Hospital (Sathorn) to remove lipoma. Another question is that if I go to other hospitals as mentioned above, will the treatment be covered by the social security by submitting the documents? Requesting your viewpoint.

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Any general surgeon can do this, at any hospital.


A plastic surgeon is needed only if scarring is a concern.


Treatment would be covered at a hospital other than your registered SS hospital only if they refer you to it.


Are you saying that your SS hospital has told you it needs to be done by a plastic surgeon and that they do not have one (seems unlikely)?

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8 hours ago, jaizan said:

THB 5225 in Bangkok Christian Hospital in Dec 2017.

Must have been small and removable as an outpatient under local.


Daughter of a friend = about 40,000 baht 10 years ago at Chai Phya hospital. This was a very large and deep lipoma requiring general anesthesia and done in an OR.


In other words it greatly depends on the size, depth and location.

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