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Shocking video shows moment pick up reverses into mother and child in Pathum Thani

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Shocking video shows moment pick up reverses into mother and child in Pathum Thani
Picture: Daily News
CCTV showed the shocking moment a mother and her daughter were run over by a pick-up carrying furniture that was reversing down a busy main road in Pathum Thani north of Bangkok. 
The pair had stepped into the road and had not noticed what was creeping up on them from behind. 
They were lucky not to be killed. Poh Teck Tung rescue foundation said they were taken to hospital with leg and rib injuries.
Comment and shares were rife on Thai social media. Most blamed the pick-up driver but others said that the mother and daughter should not have been standing in the road and should have looked to their left. 
They appeared to have been waiting for a bus and should not have stepped off the sidewalk, said others. 
The incident happened in Klong 3. 
The local police said that the driver clearly could not see behind him properly and was negligent. 
They suggested he should fit an additional mirror or best of all not reverse down a road but go to a U-turn to get back to where he wanted. 
They plan on inviting the driver in for a chat with the victims. 
Source: Daily News
-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-07-24
WARNING: The following video may be disturbing for some viewers. Discretion is advised
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The driver of the pick-up had two "Helpers" in the truck, that could not be @rsed to get out of the cab and watch him back, resulting in what happens... regards Worgeordie

Driver and the woman were both at fault. Driver for reversing when he could not see behind him. Woman for stupidly taking the child onto the road without looking.

some sick people here blame the mother ??? <deleted>   this truck backed up, could also have hit the car   he was backing up !!! did the car make the noisy beep beep to warn

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