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Steps required to enter Thailand

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Steps required to enter Thailand

By The Nation




The Centre for Covid-19 Situation Administration (CCSA) has issued the following guidelines on entering Thailand for non-Thai residents and travellers:


Before departure

Travellers are required to contact the Royal Thai Embassy or consulate to get an entry visa and a certificate of entry, which will be considered on a case-by-case basis, taking into account the urgency, need and reasons provided in the application form. 


Applications must include travel details, health insurance with a coverage of at least US$100,000, booking at an alternative state quarantine site and any other documents that the CCSA may require.


The approval process will take approximately seven working days, and the applicant will be contacted when approved. 


Day of travel

Travellers are required to carry a certificate of entry, health insurance, certificate of a Covid-19 test taken within a 72-hour period with a negative result and a fit-to-fly certificate. 


Upon arrival

Travellers will undergo tests at the airport and then be transferred to an alternative state quarantine site that should have been booked in advance. 


Required documents for Non-Thai Nationals


Spouses, parents or children of Thai nationals

1. Certificate or evidence of family ties with the Thai national


Non-Thais who have been permitted to reside in Thailand

1. Proof of residency in Thailand


Non-Thais who hold a work permit or have been granted permission to work in Thailand, along with their spouse and children. 

1. Work permit or letter of employment 

2. Evidence of family ties (in the case of spouse and children)


Non-Thais who are students at educational establishments in Thailand that have been approved by Thai authorities, including their parents or guardians.

1. Proof of student status or letter of acceptance from the educational institution 

2. Proof of relationship with parents or guardians


Non-Thais in need of medical treatment in Thailand, except for treatment of Covid-19, including people accompanying them (not exceeding three persons). These tourists are only allowed to arrive by air.

1. Evidence showing financial ability to bear medical expenses or equivalent documents

2. Health insurance or other forms of insurance

3. Letter from referring hospital in the country of origin stating reasons for medical treatment in Thailand

4. Letter from the receiving hospital in Thailand accepting the applicant for treatment and confirmation of quarantine arrangements for the applicant and accompanying persons. 


For more information

Covid-19 Information Centre hotline 1111

Department of Consular Affairs, Foreign Ministry Tel: (+662) 572 8442

Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand Tel: (+66) 2568 8800.

Department of Disease Control, Public Health Ministry at 1422, (+669) 6847 8209, (+669) 2726 0474

Immigration Bureau hotline 1178 or (+662) 287 3101


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30391878



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-07-24
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Good luck getting all that together unless you are related to the red bull heir!!!

I stopped at the first sentence and forgot all about it 🤔

Anybody who's dealed with immigration knows what this means. A mountain of paperwork or a brown letter lubricant.

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According to the above "non-Thais who have been permitted to reside in Thailand" are given a shot at getting into the country.


I'm guessing that the definition they will use for residence is more onerous than the ThaiRev (thai tax authority) test of residence - "an individual is regarded as a tax resident if he/she resides in Thailand at one or more times for an aggregate period of 180 days or more in any tax year" (PwC Thailand Tax Booklet)


Were tax residence to be acceptable I don't doubt there are many falang out there 'stranded abroad' who normally live here full-time (indeed I have two mates in that situation) some of whom would be prepared to meet the financial and time burdens of returning and reoccupying the houses they have kept financed for the last 4 months.


I'm guessing the true acceptable test of residence is more akin to Permanent Residence. Anyone know?

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Applications must include travel details, health insurance with a coverage of at least US$100,000, booking at an alternative state quarantine site and any other documents that the CCSA may require.


This only says Health insurance coverage of US$100,000 it is not COVID specific. ( But the wind can change ) or it may not have been proof read correctly.

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