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2 hours ago, wimpy said:

Thank you. Some really great monsoon downpours, but they don't last so long as to ruin your day. If you are thinking about it, come. A lovely experience, and they need the business.

Was there in June (west side) would like to come back and explore more.


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fyi; Currently on Lanta Island,  Nakara resort, long beach... great place to stay 3 bungalows occupied .  Beach Totally empty...

the town is dead,  Must be the first time i have been, here cant even find somewhere selling chicken and rice, somtum or soup.  
Had a meal in town overlooking the river, only customers there at 7 pm and let me tell ya,  Cost more than the same meal in Kamala, phuket eating on the beach.


Only places doing good business are 7/11 & star chicken

Anything farang oriented is closed  EXCEPT some bars ( no idea why they are open)



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The wife and I were on Koh Lanta in the last week of January.  It was very quiet indeed.


Many restaurants were closed or only opened at 2pm or 5 pm.   Luckily we found some crackers.


The Irish Embassy is always excellent but doesn't open until 2 pm.

The Fat Turtle is nearby down a little lane off the main road, and opens at 12 noon.  We didn't eat there, so can't comment on the food.  

Tuesday Morning is reputedly excellent, but when we got there in the evening they had run out of the fish we wanted, so instead we went to El Greco with a really lovely owner.


Way down the island on the way to the national park is an excellent Thai place called 'Saam Pee Nong' on a sharp left hand bend overlooking Bamboo Beach - excellent crab fried rice and black pepper prawns.


If you want real southern Thai food I recommend Krua Dan Thai just south of Saladan and about 150 metres south of El Greco on the opposite side.  That had truly excellent food, the spiciest ever.  They gave me the farang menu which doesn't have the really spicy food on it but I insisted on the Thai menu because I can eat hotter than most Thais can.  I wasn't disappointed.  My wife said it was some of the best Thai food she'd ever eaten.

We went there twice, and it was a late discovery or we'd have gone more often.


However, the best place we found by far was the Shanti Beach House, run by a really nice French guy called Ben and his Thai wife.

Their food was excellent, very reasonably priced and he went out of his way to help.  It's on Klong Toab beach, about a mile or so north of the Tesco Express which is about half way down the island and we went 4 times, it was so good.


A few photos - an Irish Embassy breakfast,

the menu at the Shanti Beach House (his lemon tart and chocolate tart are wonderful),

the crab fried rice and black pepper prawns at Saam Pee Nong,  the front of Sam Pee Nong with the very small name at the top of the sign

the first meal at Krua Dan Thai with omelette, kua kling and Thai beef salad (yam neua)  

the frontage of Krua Dan Thai taken on a dull day

Shanti Beach House - penang barracuda and some fried fish no one was sure of the name of but botth excellent

Shanti again - grilled duck breast red curry - amazing!

Shanti lemon tart 

Greek salad and some aubergine things at El Greco

Lamb gyro at El Greco

Krua Dan Thai again - gaeng luang in the pot (fish curry with coconut shoots), more beef salad and soft-shelled crab curry (poo nim, you eat the lot)


I put 4 kgs on that week!  Worth every one too!  😂















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3 minutes ago, borborygmus999 said:

Krua Dan Thai again - gaeng luang in the pot (fish curry with coconut shoots), more beef salad and soft-shelled crab curry (poo nim, you eat the lot)

















Missed off from my first post for some reason.


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On 7/26/2020 at 2:36 PM, Keyser Soze666 said:

Sorry, not clear. How long does it take on a ferry from Phuket pier to Ko lanta island (I won't have a car)


I don't think the ferries from Phuket to Lanta are operating at the moment.  They certainly weren't in January.  Best to check the current situation yourself.


Other than that, take a van from Phuket or you might be be to get a ferry to Ao Nang and then Lanta, but as I say, check for yourself.



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