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2 hours ago, wimpy said:

Thank you. Some really great monsoon downpours, but they don't last so long as to ruin your day. If you are thinking about it, come. A lovely experience, and they need the business.

Was there in June (west side) would like to come back and explore more.


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Be very careful with booking.com. Some time ago I booked there, but when we arrived the hotel was closed. I couldn't even open the front door. This was after booking, paying and receiving a confi

@zzzzz I am not on Koh Lanta now, but I lived there for 7 years before so I have a lot of friends with businesses there (mostly in Klong Nin and Kantiang). I can't say much for Saladan, but I know tha

In this time, it's probably best to directly contact any hotel before proceeding with an online reservation.

fyi; Currently on Lanta Island,  Nakara resort, long beach... great place to stay 3 bungalows occupied .  Beach Totally empty...

the town is dead,  Must be the first time i have been, here cant even find somewhere selling chicken and rice, somtum or soup.  
Had a meal in town overlooking the river, only customers there at 7 pm and let me tell ya,  Cost more than the same meal in Kamala, phuket eating on the beach.


Only places doing good business are 7/11 & star chicken

Anything farang oriented is closed  EXCEPT some bars ( no idea why they are open)



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