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10 minutes ago, kingstonkid said:

Dante I think you may be wrong.


Right now is not the time to sell gold if anything it is a time to buy.


With everything happening in the world stock markets are going to crash. 


The Chinese US and all other economies are in trouble and gold is going to be king.


Contrary to what you think, I gave no recommendation to buy or sell.


I really do not think that you or anybody can give usefull financial advice without knowing a lot about the person receiving the advice, their financial situation and risk attitudes.  For all you know the OP is just interested in selling 10 ounces or less to pay for his child's college fees in which case selling is most likely a fine idea.


Try to tell me to buy gold now and I will tell you that you are full of <deleted>.  Because you would be if giving me such advice.

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Did exactly that, and provided seed capital to create a online bullion retailer and storage and precious metals pension solution.  We are just about to cross USD highs set back in 11.. Its already

Gold prices will continue to increase until I buy some. Thats the way things normally work

And the financial wizzards of the Chiang Mai Forum will come to the rescue with their infinite knowledge about how to time the market.  Chiang Mai has a dirth of multimillionaries who have become weal

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Gold is usually kept as a hedge against inflation but  many people also turn to gold in times of economic uncertainty. I would never suggest what anyone else should do but I'm sticking solid and reloading on the pullbacks.

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How about this idea...

Sell all the gold jewelry and invest the proceeds in renting  bunch of fit and young pattaya under 26 year old ladies to navigate the boat and ...ahem.

Fly them and yourself to one of the Islands and rent a yacht for a week.

Don't forget 6 bottles of vodka and lemon and 2 crates of Leos for the ladies etc etc...

Create some fond memories...

...those were the days.


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28 minutes ago, jimgilly said:

Like I said prices will fluctuate but the long term trend should and I believe will be up.  While they can print all the fiat money they want (until no one wants it) there is only a limited amount of physical gold in the world.  Simple case of supply/demand and how the financial world works.

So what can you add?  That situation is about 50 years old.

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you can sell some now and hold some... investing is full of daily decisions...


best is to sell it where you bought it...

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4 hours ago, Bill97 said:

So what can you add?  That situation is about 50 years old.

I made a very basic opinion of what I thought so what do I need to add?  Maybe you have some valuable information you could share with the rest of us, so let's hear what you have to say.

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Best place to buy and sell gold is Hua Seng Heng ฮั่วเซ่งเฮง https://www.huasengheng.com/

Spread between buy and sell at Hua Seng Heng is 50 ฿ per Baht weight of 0.965 purity instead of the published Association spread of 100 ฿. Currently you can sell gold bars for 28,800 ฿ per Baht weight (0.965 purity) and buy for 28,850 ฿. There are different price structures for 0.965 jewelry and 0.9999 purity gold bars. They have a number of locations. I believe the main one is on Yaowarat Rd. in Chinatown (in Bangkok). They have an excellent reputation for honesty and fairness. I can't tell you which way the price of gold will go. You're on your own where that is concerned.

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added "in Bangkok" for clarification
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Just now, david555 said:

Just now on Bloomberg ticker All heavy metals up & in the green ....Gold  Silver ..Platinium & Palladium !

Of course, because the dollar is falling

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13 minutes ago, Susco said:

Of course, because the dollar is fallin3g

Even alluminium...zinc ...tin ....should i go sell my cooking pots....? 😁


Even my Euro stands back over 37 to the Thai baht coming from 35.xxx


I hope Trump does not go nuke China......😎🙄😁 to save the "greenback" 😏



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13 hours ago, jimgilly said:

Spoken by a guy who probably can't afford 1 baht worth and is angry about it

It never ceases to amaze how many incorrect assumptions posters make on this forum.  It is no wonder so many get into pickles given their jump to the wrong conclusion mentality.  Good luck Jim, hope you have better luck judging investments than you do people.



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