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Did exactly that, and provided seed capital to create a online bullion retailer and storage and precious metals pension solution.  We are just about to cross USD highs set back in 11.. Its already

Gold prices will continue to increase until I buy some. Thats the way things normally work

And the financial wizzards of the Chiang Mai Forum will come to the rescue with their infinite knowledge about how to time the market.  Chiang Mai has a dirth of multimillionaries who have become weal

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32 minutes ago, kingdong said:

sell your gold and buy guns,there may be trouble ahead...

You're probably gonna need both...

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19 hours ago, khwaibah said:

Bought 10 baht bars in 2006 @ about 10,250 baht. They are in a bank safety box.🤩

The bank will have sold them by now and replaced with tungston.

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Yes, now is the perfect time to sell. Everyone that has had a belief in a never ending high, has always lost money. Ok, you might lose a bit if it goes up a few baht more. However, it will surely go down so you stand with a win anyway. When low again you buckle up and buy. That´s the only way, and the way of the professionals to trade and make money.

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9 hours ago, farangkinok said:

Spread between buy and sell at Hua Seng Heng is 50 ฿ per Baht weight of 0.965 purity

I use a Thai app that shows the buy and sell prices of bar and jewellery through out Thailand. I check the prices daily and have never seen a spread as low as 50 baht in the last 5 years, it has always been 100 but recently when people were selling when the virus hit it went to 300 but back to 100 now.


Can you show  where there is a 50 baht spread? Not saying it isn't or hasn't been I am just curious as to where.

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42 minutes ago, cooked said:

I paid ฿16 000 when I first started buying and now it is nearly double that. I buy every year after rice harvest. 

As soon as somebody starts talking about how stupid people are for buying gold, I have to chuckle. 

Never said buying or owning was a bad idea.


Your investment approach is wise, buy once a year at the same time.  No trying to time the market and you get price averaging.  You are an investor not a trader.  Good way to do it.



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On 7/26/2020 at 2:31 PM, jimgilly said:


Physical delivery is now being requested so the naked paper short sales are becoming ineffective.



Are you saying that, for example, the BIS (head of the central banking cartel) cannot drop anymore a hundred tons of (fake) paper gold on the market to crush the price?


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The Gold/US price went past 1980 in the Tokyo session.


It is virtually certain it will pass 2000 as London and NY are still to come.


I will not be surprised if Gold goes beyond 2000, however, as the psychological 2000 barrier approaches some shorting may happen.


To say gold is bullish right now is the understatement of the year.


That's only short term though. Gold, a no-income producing asset is ideal for zero interest environments. However as inflation rises and interest rates go up Gold will lose value. Like all bubbles, this one will end too.



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2 minutes ago, englishoak said:

Gold as a no income producing asset is 33% up so far this year, it needs to consolidate for a while imo probably  bounce around the 2k mark before it either overshoots or pulls back, I hope it pulls back. Silver is on fire too atm, 100% + gains from the lows this year so far and bitcoin just passed 11.5k .. all this QE has to go somewhere.


Far as interest rates rising I just dont see it for the foreseeable future, the more they stimulate the harder it will become.  The global economic system is awash with liquidity and its hard to see any gov taking the pain of a collapse willingly, so they will print more,more, more.. 


Much further for the bull to run yet would be my guess the next few years. 

I actually think the bull run will go on for a while as well.


The thing about pumping money into economies:


You simply cannot cancel interest rates, pump untold amounts of new money into a seized-up economy and expect it not to create inflation. It always has and it always will. QE did create inflation. It created it in stocks and real estate and many periphery assets like art, wine, watches, hypercars. Your low inflation rate is fake data, just like so much information today. 




It's that argument about deflation or inflation. Many, including Goldman Sachs, think inflation will come.






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11 minutes ago, Logosone said:

Monster fall as we speak, down from 1980 to 1935.


Good, moving from 1901 to 1980 in 24hrs was getting hot. its back up over 1940 again though.

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