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Video shows how coronavirus has left parts of Koh Samui deserted

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another pointless post about a tourist resort in thailand being deserted and the subsequent hardship being experienced by the locals. what do you expect if foreign tourists are not allowed to enter th

Just looks like a slum to me, East end of London is far better.

Samui, like Phuket is seriously over rated. A lot of hype about nothing, especially Samui. Such a boring island really, with very little to do, and the local are anything but friendly. You can just im

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4 minutes ago, M71 said:

Yep - if you make a up a BS story about a relatively harmless seasonal called COVID-1984 and you fudge the figures & force governments to blow it waaaay out of proportion that's what happens around the world folks.


Ain't rocket science.

What about all the deaths in the US? Relatively harmless? Everybody, please see the harmless virus that killed more than 143000 Americans in less than 3 months. Harmless though. No reason to worry.


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I suppose that it is different strokes for different folks.

35 minutes ago, ajarnmarc said:

it was like the locals are blaming the foreigners for Covid,

Foreigners did bring the virus to Thailand. Foreigners are to blame.


and their lack of business. Police are shaking everyone that passes by the check points

Where were the check points? I have not seen any lately apart from once about 3 weeks ago. Police checking for helmets on bikes.


with every public place you go to visit you must sign in at the door, with you details.

I think that this is the law under the emergency decree (or you can use the app) - everywhere in Thailand.


Good dining was scarce and very hard to find.

No idea where you were eating. Samui is a big place. Certainly I avoid the restaurants in Chaweng but let me know if you come again. I will give you a list of at least a dozen restaurants that serve very good food at reasonable prices. Italian, French, Thai and even authentic fish and chips with mushy peas if that is your style. They are not in the tourist villages.


I found it easier in Surat town to enjoy a good meal.

I was in Surart town two weeks ago for two nights. First night I could not find one single restaurant that was open. I walked for about three hours. Second night I found one - it was a two hour walk from my hotel (near Thaksin Hospital). I did find good street food for breakfast though.


Prices are twice what they are on the mainland,

It costs more to ship goods to an island and land/rent is more expensive here than in Surat.


Domestic tourism will not assist with Samui, for the locals know the island isn't worth much consideration,

Extra flights every day from Bangkok and all of the villas and high end hotels where I live and work are full with domestic tourists. Thais are driving down from Bangkok for a 2 - 4 night stay. Expats stay longer.


I guess that the differences are down to local knowledge.

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