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Video shows how coronavirus has left parts of Koh Samui deserted

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another pointless post about a tourist resort in thailand being deserted and the subsequent hardship being experienced by the locals. what do you expect if foreign tourists are not allowed to enter th

Just looks like a slum to me, East end of London is far better.

Samui, like Phuket is seriously over rated. A lot of hype about nothing, especially Samui. Such a boring island really, with very little to do, and the local are anything but friendly. You can just im

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24 minutes ago, nervona81732 said:

Amen Brother, CV-19 the greatest hoax in this epoch on humanity. But the sheeple still obey. Frankly I bow Down  to no nobody even my Government. that's what I learned when I grew up. Free people are free people NOT sheeple.




Everything is a conspiracy. 

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Nothing will change until international tourists are allowed back into Thailand

And this is not going  to happen for a  long time end of year at the earliest 

And that's wishful thinking at this time

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2 hours ago, naryan said:

The virus is not what has caused these problems, in Thailand and around the world.

We have had flu and viruses as long as I can find we have had life more people die of road accidents than the virus in Thailand and we still have cars and bikes.

This is a CONTROL operation by the powers to be, take away the CONTROL you will get rid of the problem!

You probably denied WWII as well. Must be great to be an ostrich.

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2 hours ago, M71 said:

Yep - if you make a up a BS story about a relatively harmless seasonal called COVID-1984 and you fudge the figures & force governments to blow it waaaay out of proportion that's what happens around the world folks.


Ain't rocket science.

I’m going to hazard a guess that science (rocket or otherwise) is not your forte...? 
This is not a scientific observation,but a pretty accurate guess,nonetheless I suppose.

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3 hours ago, Jurg said:

Foreign Tourist simply can't come here in larger numbers without Thailand getting back into Covid-19 spreading in this country too.

Local or even country Lockdown would result from it.

Thailand is doing a fantastic job in handling the Pendemi.

To find a solution to keep Covid-19 out of the country and opening up to Tourists at the same time, to me, is an impossible task as long this virus is going rampant in so many, affluent countries.

If there is a solution to that, let's hear it🙄🤔




I take a test for covid19 and do the fit to fly..

Have a test on arrival in the brand spanking new test facility. 

Pay the 3000 baht willingly. 

That's two negative tests in 5 days.

Allow me to get back to the family home and stay with the family. 

No overpriced ASQ  .

No 14 days isolation. 

I've just tested negative twice..

Oh, and throw in the insurance coverage...

That's 10s of thousands of people. 

And no risk...

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3 hours ago, ajarnmarc said:

Samui, like Phuket is seriously over rated. A lot of hype about nothing, especially Samui. Such a boring island really, with very little to do, and the local are anything but friendly. You can just imagine what they are like now...I went to visit my children, and it was like the locals are blaming the foreigners for Covid, and their lack of business. Police are shaking everyone that passes by the check points, with every public place you go to visit you must sign in at the door, with you details. Good dining was scarce and very hard to find. I found it easier in Surat town to enjoy a good meal. Prices are twice what they are on the mainland, sometimes even triple as the locals want to make up for lost revenue. Again, giving off the impression that the situation is somehow our fault and not a problem we all must share going forward. Sad to see the backwards thinking process to all of this which has occurred in 2020. Domestic tourism will not assist with Samui, for the locals know the island isn't worth much consideration, especially since the local people think they are entitled to special privileges for putting the land up for sale. None of the locals work, they simply sale land or manage rental spaces, with labor coming from Maramar or Issan at best.

Unless the locals are walking around in lynch mobs how would you know they are " giving off the impression the situation is our fault"? 

One idiot health Minister makes a stupid comment and TV members still running with it months later 


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4 hours ago, Bender Rodriguez said:

ideal time to make zombie apocalypse movies, no need to close streets for filming

zombie movies was exactly what i was thinking of when i saw this shadow of what was pattaya

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3 hours ago, wmlc said:

So don’t wear your mask when you go outside and don’t wash your hands. You would not feel the same if you were in the ICU on your death bed. Then your tune would change. Sorry to say but people who think Covid 19 is some kind of conspiracy to control the worlds’ population, need to give their head a shake. Can you provide at least one piece of credible evidence to support this?

Don't waste your time trying to reason with a paranoid who gets his info from Youtube videos...


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Coming back from Phuket (9 to 23 july).

Nai Harn has a few people, mostly local farangs or those stranded in Thailand (with relatives/parents sending them money). Swimming there is Ok as soon as you stay between yellow flags (Life Guards on duty). Big waves, rip current in the middle.

Phuket town always busy (99.9999 % thais), a few traffic jams (but much less without tourists).

I enjoyed Phuket when it is not invaded by mass tourism.

Traveled with VietJetAir, 10.000 bahts for 2, round trip.

I used Chai taxi to go to the airport. The cheapest of all (minivan, 800 bahts from Nai Harn to airport instead of 1200 bahts average).

Hope this helps.


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4 minutes ago, Ventenio said:

i went to koh samui to become one with nature, find my inner happiness and engage my mind at a level impossible in a western world.  Well, I was with 10 brits and we were drunk at McDonald's while using Tinder during a full moon party.....but i would take pictures of the sunset and put on facebook and i had a magical feeling of finding my soul and peace..... Well, until I needed some cash so I had my mom wire me some money.....and then I smiled at everyone and I knew this was where I would stay forever and find my wife.  Well, not sure how long 10,000 baht will last.  


now i'm back in my mom's basement and i miss those days of really living the life.  best friends i ever made.  Well,.......  lol

Would've been perfect if you had knocked up a duck lipped instagrammer while at it.

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