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are 6-month and 8-month ED-visa language programs legit?

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It seems most of the ED-visa language programs people talk about are for 1 year. 


Are 6-month and 8-month language programs also okay for getting ED visas?

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I study Thai. I’ve had a 1 year ED visa previously.

I’m reasonably intelligent and I’d say that 6 months going to class won’t teach you much at all, even if you go 4 or 5 times a week.
Thai while having less words than English is complex in its tonal application and the grammar is markedly different and counter-intuitive, and at times seems to have breaks in its logical use. Very different to English. Something my teacher tells me take a long time to grasp practically let alone master.

I doubt anyone except a language savant would be able to uptake much other than the simplest understanding of the language in 6 or 8 months..

it on average takes maybe 2 years of weekly classes and daily additional self study to gain a decent daily usage comprehension and dialogue fluency.


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