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Good explanation of New extension to Amnesty

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On 7/29/2020 at 2:00 PM, Max69xl said:

"My extension coming up in October could (if they really wanted to) be performed from the comfort of my house here in Thailand...the foot traffic is entirely unnecessary!"

Name one country in the world where it's possible to extend a permission to stay 1 year online? One of the reasons for the required visit to the immigration office is that they want to see the actual person. That requirement is quite logical. 

Australia. Throughout the Pandemic extensions have been done by email. These days Australian airports dont even stamp passports or issue visas in passports. Everything online.

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25 minutes ago, Wongkitlo said:

Hi Peter. I know you said speculation but is it up to immigration? I had the impression from immigration's statements in the press before these measures were announced that they want all the short stayers out but Cabinet decided otherwise and gave another 60 days. 

At the end of the day it is the Cabinet that decides, and the Cabinet consults both Immigration and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs when taking such decision.

But it is Immigration that enforces the decision and 'translates' it into procedures to be followed by the local immigration offices.

In their enforcement role Immigration has of course the opportunity to somewhat push their own agenda (if not blatantly against Cabinet decision).

And on top of that you have of course the 'lost in translation' effect with unclear communication, resulting in a situation that every local IO makes up its own procedures according to how they interpret the Orders from Above.

In short > a terrible mess!

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