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Chiang Mai hotels urged to open for tourist surge

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5 hours ago, webfact said:

a surge of tourists from the government’s travel-stimulus scheme.

Missed this news.  From what I have read, there are no plans for letting in tourists

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1 hour ago, BritManToo said:

Was at an Elephant camp last week.

They are expecting so many visitors in the future, that they've plowed up all the land, where they previously grew elephant fodder, and started growing rice.

I suspect they've predicted the future better than the Chiang Mai tourism Authority.



Somebody has been a busy bee!  Giving the misses a break 🙂

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29 minutes ago, andy72 said:

Poor Chiang Mai


It seriously overestimated itself, knocked out all the budget dives
took away the chilled vibe that it had garnered
and swallowed the Chinese invasion whole
so many upmarket hotels to cater for Chinese
The bloody convoys of TUK TUKs 
THe stupid party scene at Zoe in Yellow and the hostels that followed creating a party booze culture for stupid young farang who only hit Thailand to Party and tick the destination  boxes.

They ripped the heart out of that 'city'


The police with their regular roadblocks the no helmet no licence 'tea fine' good for 4 days you carry paper.

The Chinese bus tours to the Fruit market the stupid stores that sell about half a dozen ittems for the Chinese.

Loi Kroh with its sad tired old bars with even sadder tired old bar girls th only sadder place for those type of women is Georgetown Penang the equivalent of an Elephant Graveyard.

CM was never a tourist destination, was never meant to be not as they designed it.
it was the gateway to Pai, the Mae Hong Song Loop, nothing more.

The elephant camps long gone strange that such a revered animal would not be government subsidised during this time.
not so revered.

Tourism changes a dynamic and very very few places get that 

Sometimes it better just to stay holed up in the hotel in Germany than visit Chiang Mai


Funfact I used to Dj at the original tiny Zoe..until the turks ran Yanni out-took a whisky bottle to the head!

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