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Six U.S. mayors urge Congress to block Trump federal deployment

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1 hour ago, EVENKEEL said:

At least you're starting to acknowledge that cities are burning, good on you.


No. There are fires, which wasn't denied. Whole cities burning? Only in Trump supporters scaremongering fantasies. Regardless, rather doubt you missed the context in which the post was made - replying to a comment as to what may happen.

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Off-topic posts and replies removed.  It's a discussion forum.  Memes are not generally a part of a discussion.

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3 hours ago, johnnybangkok said:

I'll tell you why. The whole Trump movement relies on fear. Fear of Mexicans. Fear of Muslims. Fear of blacks. Fear of cities burning. Fear of goddam liberals. Fear of their own shadow.

It's negative politics at it's finest and the oldest trick in the political book; get the working man to blame the immigrants/blacks/muslims for all the problems in their life even though the country is run by billionaires and corporations. Yet people can't see it or are simply too blind to want to see it. They just continue to fight among themselves for the scraps, blaming other people who in turn are fighting for even fewer scraps, meanwhile the billionaires and corporations sit back and laugh about how much they are still getting away with it and how no one is blaming them.

It's a helluva con that Trump supporters keep falling for time and time again.



https://www.artemis.bm/news/riots-could-turn-2020-into-a-capital-event-pcs-designates-riots-as-a-catastrophe/Update, Jun 3rd: 


The riots have now been designated as a catastrophe in more than 20 U.S. states by PCS


Just take a second to ponder that info, Nothing to see here folks, it's just Trump making stuff up again. The dems are pathetic.

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On 8/1/2020 at 4:15 PM, Morch said:


Essentially, you're hoping for cities to burn and people you've never known or met to suffer, so that it would, maybe, score a political point. Nothing to do with "law and order".



Still with the personal attacks I see.


Did you miss "In a way"? I suppose you did, but it was at the beginning of my post.


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