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Miracle escape! Thai driver stops for an early morning snooze - then this happens

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What more can you say......  I refer to an old acronym I was taught when I first arrived.... T.I.T. !!!! 


This story has total and utter fv<kwittery written all over it !!!! 


- Drunk Guy decides to sleep it off (feel asleep and cam to a halt at the side of the rd?)

- or pull over to sleep it off in an extremely idiotic location

- Lorry driver can’t keep to his lane 


Again, yet another situation involving two halfwits. If just one of the parties involved had not been a complete and total halfwit no incident would have taken place at all !!!!



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Hopefully he learns from this and in future stops his car in the centre lane when he is drunk and in need of a snooze.  Geez, no common sense stopping in the break down lane.

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7 hours ago, ezzra said:

What i'd like to know is the state of underpants...


You really want to know this? 

Think of what you just said. 


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8 hours ago, worgeordie said:

He actually said to the Police he had been in a drinking session !

bet he soon sobered up when the truck smashed into him.

regards Worgeordie


Will he be charged with being drunk in charge of a vehicle?

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Poor place to park - karma 


I wonder if he had his parking lights on which I doubt....one of my pet gripes - the # of drivers here who drive with only their parking lights on during early evening or early mornings hours...

cultural habit over common sense 

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11 hours ago, webfact said:

Santi, 29, was tired after a drinking session and decided to pull over five meters from a bridge.

So he drove for a while then decided he was too drunk to drive and had a snooze on the edge of a highway.

Why not stop at a petrol station? Snooze there.

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13 hours ago, webfact said:

Sanook said that Santi, 29, was tired after a drinking session

in the real world, Santi's driving license should have been confiscated on the spot before any investigation... he was drunk and had parked his vehicle near by a bridge, two dangerous misconducts, indeed!

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21 hours ago, webfact said:

The incident happened on Route 117, the Phitsanulok to Nakhon Sawan Road, around 6.30 am yesterday.

So at 06:30 he has to pull over to get some sleep as he'd been on the booze all night long,

fit to drive... very doubtful !!!!

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