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14-year-old girl leads anti-govt protest in Nan

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17 hours ago, trainman34014 said:

Does this come under Child Labour ?    When will 'grown up' Thai's stand up against the Gangsters running the country ?

Perhaps there will be plenty of "grown up" Thai's at the actual protest, who knows?


Has it occurred to you that as the girl is only 14 she can't be meaningfully punished (i,e sent to jail) according to Section 74 of the criminal code act?


"Section 74. Children over 10 but under 15


A child over ten years but not yet over fifteen years of age commits what is provided by the law to be an offence, shall not be punished, but the Court shall have the power as follows:"


They could order her removed from her parents according to the criminal code but I think that would really get things heated up.


All in all, seems like a good move to register the protest in the name of someone who they can't throw in jail.

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