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Pattaya: Half of the resort's CCTV doesn't work - but mayor points to brighter future

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I remember reading about  both the  non working free WiFi  and non working CCTV  10+ years ago.

So the pumps don't work we will fix that , CCTV doesn't work , we will fix that . We spent I don't know how much on Pelican crossings that nobody bothers with. We want to build a monorail ,

The Mayor points to a "brighter future" Mr Mayor..tomorrow never comes

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4 minutes ago, thequietman said:

However, I am sure that they will find the most expensive <deleted>tiest camera out there, double the price and install that one.

I doubt that the one in the first pic looks like one of those cheapies from China you can get from Lazada/Aliexpress .

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He said that electrical authority work to bury cables will help with this.. and also to bury what the budget really got spent on said one alleged prostitute 🤔 

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57 minutes ago, dimitriv said:


That is for sure not the most reliable method. Often the cards fail after some months. And if you commit a crime taking the camera with you is a solution if the data is not transferred to somewhere else immediately.



The card in my dashcam runs since years. If the robbers, murders and so on would be so clever that they deinstall the cards or cameras after the crime, they would cut the wires or cover the lenses now before they do their crimes. But they don´t have ladders with them or think at the cameras as you can see at the many published videos.

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2 minutes ago, Susco said:

So whenever there is an incident someone will climb up the ladder to remove the memory cards from a bunch of cameras, to analyse them, right?


And not only that, but also every week or so someone will climb up the ladder to check if the memory cards in those 2000 cameras have an error or not.

Jobs for everyone. What's the problem?  🙂

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