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Big bike owner transfer from BKK to Chonburi issue with residence certificate.

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Hi all,


I bought a big bike from a friend in Bangkok and went to Mityon (a lady who did a scooter transfer for me before) to ask if she could transfer the bike in my name and get Chonburi plates. She looked at the paperwork and the seller has a work permit but his address is not on it. The seller did give me a residence certificate from the Belgian embassy but she said that if his address is not on the work permit that she could not use the residence certificate and that the seller has to get one from immigration.


1) Is this correct?
2) Does anyone know a good agent in or near Pattaya so I can get a second opinion?
3) Or should I go to DLT myself and if so which one is the 'best'?


Thanks for your advice. 🙂

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As far as I'm aware the "residence certificate" should be acceptable  ( don't offer the work permit)

you could try any of the shops displaying this sign for a second opinion.


If you go yourself  you have to go to the DLT in Chonburi town   not the one near to the Regents School

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Posted (edited)

I have had two vehicle transfers BKK to Chonburi plates (car & motorbike). Both handled by Pu service on Thepparasit (after some other agents raising hands due to some imperfections from past...).


Will be too much hassle to take care yourself vs the money you need to pay to the agent, I recall needs two visits in person to Chonburi city DLT, Pattaya DLT can not handle cross-provincial transfers and the new plates it requires. '


Pu were professional and managed the imperfections I had with both cases actually, can warmly recommend. Just google or facebook Pu service pattaya. Shop on Thepparasit, driving from Thapparaya towards Suk, see the first familymart on left side, her shop couple of shops towards Suk from that Familymart. Just take the paperwork you have to them and they tell you what to do.


Sure have many agents around can do the same, but she proven good at least in my cases.

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Posted (edited)

not exactly hard but takes an hour (or two depending if its busy or not.)

blabla paperwork, stamp this, need copies of this and that.. buy 8 stamps at this counter, copies passport, blabla


never needed work permit from foreigners just the residence certificate (if it was done properly)

they check your VIN or whatever number, you pay a small amount and then they tell you to come a few days later..


then you come back, take off the plate from bike and they give you new one.


I never had a work permit so what would they say about my residence certificate?

if i'm not mistaken.. all you need is the certificate, a signed copy of their passport, the power of attorney form pre-signed and the book for the bike


might be a little off as i haven't bought from a foreigner in a while but as far as i know the paperwork is the same from a thai except its their thai ID that is copied/signed. (and no residence certificate)


now certainly if there is another address that is not the same as the residence certificate (like on the forms or whatever) then they will give you a hard time but like previous person said, don't even show them the work permit..

I believe the work permit can be used INSTEAD of certificate of residence (if it has all the information which apparently doesn't).



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