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Trump raises possibility of delaying November U.S. presidential election

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7 hours ago, Dumbastheycome said:

It will be interesting to see which side Republicans take over this suggestion. Having incited social divisions deflecting from the mounting general issues the US is  going to need to face  regardless of who wins the election a direct suggestion of assuming a Dictator role should scare the shi* out of US people!


Not a single one so far has taken this seriously, including Graham and Mitch. But lets wait for Fox!

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Good luck to him getting the Constitution Amendment it would require hence the reason elections had to be held during both the Civil and 2nd World Wars.

trump provides no evidence because his claims are baseless.    He is scrambling around to find excuses to avoid facing a vote he knows he is in all probability going to lose.    trump no

Since Trump has used mail-in vote in every election since he is in office, I would think he consider it properly, securely and safe, or did he attempt fraud? On the other hand, if they can attend

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2 hours ago, earlinclaifornia said:

Just the other day Barr said there was during the House meeting


I'm sure there's room for backpedaling, and failing that, he could be a closet lefty, couldn't he?

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6 hours ago, spidermike007 said:

He is flailing and utterly desperate. He smells defeat. He senses utter humiliation in his near future. His posture, his speech, his vigor have all changed. He is defeated prior to the election. The loss will be devastating for him. And his name will remain spectacularly radioactive, for the rest of his sorry life. 

He's an utter idiot, but to say he is humiliated is a bit far. He has become the president of the worlds biggest power - quite an achievement.


Furthermore let's not pretend it's a foregone conclusion. Trump will come out with some racist xenophobic nonsense soon enough to shore up his base.


Biden looks frail and is hardly galvinating the nation. It will come down to a few states once again, and as you know inbuilt racism can lead people to do silly things. The black lives protests has probably helped Trump. To the vast majority of voters, middle class white people, they will secretly not enjoy the violence and threat of order. They may go vote for him. 


The only thing that will turn people off him is his shambolic handling of the virus. 

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