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Trump raises possibility of delaying November U.S. presidential election

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Good luck to him getting the Constitution Amendment it would require hence the reason elections had to be held during both the Civil and 2nd World Wars.

trump provides no evidence because his claims are baseless.    He is scrambling around to find excuses to avoid facing a vote he knows he is in all probability going to lose.    trump no

Since Trump has used mail-in vote in every election since he is in office, I would think he consider it properly, securely and safe, or did he attempt fraud? On the other hand, if they can attend

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13 hours ago, melvinmelvin said:



at least the current POTUS has some entertainment value

and he certainly keeps people alive and discussing a lot


couple of things I don't understand here;


it has been said that the DEMs did not and do not accept the election results from when Trump was elected

I frankly don't understand what "not accepting" means

The DEMs are there, all over US and all over the Hill

They are lawmakers and decision makers on the Hill


What does not accepting mean?


same same;

there have been some speculation re Trump not accepting an election result failing to  keep him in  office

What does that mean? not accepting that some other guy wins the election?

Refusing to take his clubs and leave White House after whichever entity has installed the president elect as POTUS

come end of january

Apparently, from the posts they write, some actually think Trump is going to barricade himself into the White House and try to run the country from there, when it's obvious that he can't. Even if he was able to successfully barricade himself in the W H, he would just be ignored as he would no longer any have legal authority.

However, when even H Clinton comes out and publicly supports the idea that he might refuse to leave one knows that it's just another nothing burger to abuse him with.

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16 hours ago, Morch said:


Left, in TrumpSpeak, means "anyone not supporting Trump".

No, left is people that keep coming up with nothing burgers to attack him with, because they can't accept he won and wait till the election to try and replace him with someone more to their liking, ie those that can't accept the democratic process.

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There's no chance the election is going to be stopped. He's just trying to find a reason so that those absentee voters can't vote from home and have to go out and vote. I think that's his main intention. Maybe he thinks they won't go out to vote. 

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1 hour ago, thaibeachlovers said:

Try looking at the Dem presidential candidates if you want to understand why he has millions and millions of supporters.

I seem to remember a fair bit of opposition to that red head PM you had a while back- I believe she was the reason Labour lost the election. Same sort of thing with Trump, with the Dem candidates being the red head.


4 more years thanks to Biden.

Yea that Biden is terrible all that experience yea terrible #2guy that rescued us during the Great Recession oh the horrors trying to unify us oh nooooo all joking aside trumps not cutting it he has to go and TEAM Biden will do much to unify us and make us strong again our friends will rejoice when he wins and our enemies will know they have lost the best asset they ever had in the person of Donald John trump 

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8 hours ago, AndrewMciver said:



The only thing that will turn people off him is his shambolic handling of the virus. 

No, many more reasons turn people off him.


Also, how much do the white suburbs really like his Portland intervention? Piece from the guardian, https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/jul/31/trump-portland-antifa-voters-miscalculated

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