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Trump raises possibility of delaying November U.S. presidential election

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Good luck to him getting the Constitution Amendment it would require hence the reason elections had to be held during both the Civil and 2nd World Wars.

trump provides no evidence because his claims are baseless.    He is scrambling around to find excuses to avoid facing a vote he knows he is in all probability going to lose.    trump no

Since Trump has used mail-in vote in every election since he is in office, I would think he consider it properly, securely and safe, or did he attempt fraud? On the other hand, if they can attend

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On 7/30/2020 at 8:08 AM, Logosone said:

It's right here, happened in North Carolina. They had to redo the election:


Election re-run in North Carolina after voter fraud inquiry




Absolutely, and Republicans were the guilty parties.  So as has been previously said, the cries of voter fraud are projection.

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2 hours ago, rvaviator said:

This is fascinating - In what way have he contributed to creating a vaccine? Does he have a side gig going were he need to wear a white coat?


Why should the vaccine have anything do do with him getting re-elected or not ?



Believe it or not, before the virus hit, the US economy was booming, property prices going up, wages going up, unemployment very low. He may well have won.


If he can turn the narrative that he 'defeated' the virus, it will be much better optics than thousands people dying a day. 

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29 minutes ago, candide said:

Come on! You are not fair. He provided a link to a video! 😉

As opposed to a link to nyt wapo which would of course be acceptable.

Liberals are so funny.

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