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Red Bull "Boss" latest: Police claim cocaine was from dental treatment and suspect drank AFTER hit and run incident

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11 hours ago, anterian said:

I would love to know the total cost of this to Boss and family, 300,000 to the victim's family will be just the tip of the iceberg, buying off the judiciary and the entire police force does not come cheap, then there is buying all the experts and witnesses. Must be in the millions.

I don't think you can blame the whole family for this anterian-----in fact its caused (some of) them to quite publicly split, apologize & condemn his actions.

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And the Red Bullsh!t goes on.......

One of their own was killed by this piece of **** and they come up with **** like this, I'd rather they just shut up.

I tell you what - if I ever decide to commit a string of serious crimes, I'm doing it in Thailand. I've never seen law enforcement elsewhere go so out of their way to support criminals and defend them

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27 minutes ago, Queenslander said:

Personally, knowing and understanding the RTP's desire to ensure that ALL crimes are investigated, managed  and determined on an equal basis, I am not sure what the problem is. Surely the dedication, professionalism and desire to reach an unbiased, truthful and evidentiary compelling outcome in this matter mirrors that of HISO 16 year old (no licence) driver that killed 9 University people, and the HISO Mercedes driver that incinerated two University students. I won't mention the excellent and above reproach investigation in Koh Tao.

How can you possibly doubt the veracity of the RTP statements.  You obviously don't understand forensic policing.

I would suggest that the majority of expats fully understand Thai police forensic policing - as a load of c rap.

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5 minutes ago, steveyinasia said:

RTP, just stop, you have embarrassed yourselves enough already. Keep your mouth shut to avoid any more embarrassing comment 

They need to open their mouth otherwise how can they change feet. 

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13 hours ago, poskat said:

As a dentist, I am not familiar with any medications given that contain actual cocaine

there are local anesthetics, novacaine, mepiviciane, that have some structural similarity

but these are short-lived in the body

As a dentist, shouldn't you know how to spell novocaine and mepivacaine? Just wondering.

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14 hours ago, Tagged said:

All this, while poor people getting 15 years jail for picking mushrooms in natioal parks at the wrong day!


police number 2 said there is no double standard in Thailand , and everybody knows that it is true

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cocaine found in his system came from medication for a tooth complaint.


hahahahaha, so when going to to have a tooth problem you get cocaine in thailand??

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6 hours ago, Baggy said:

... METHOD OF PAYMENT: Large Brown envelopes or small brown boxes

Delivered in a brown truck - UPS - Underthetable Payment Service. 

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17 hours ago, 2long said:

Well OF COURSE! The fact that he was out partying in Thong Lor means nothing!

And since when is it the police's job to 'claim' anything!?

The " Muslims " know that Mohammed was born by a man --------

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