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Red Bull "Boss" latest: Police claim cocaine was from dental treatment and suspect drank AFTER hit and run incident

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And the Red Bullsh!t goes on.......

One of their own was killed by this piece of **** and they come up with **** like this, I'd rather they just shut up.

I tell you what - if I ever decide to commit a string of serious crimes, I'm doing it in Thailand. I've never seen law enforcement elsewhere go so out of their way to support criminals and defend them

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I get my Cocaine from California in the USA.  It comes with a warning that drinking alcohol and doing Cocaine while driving a Ferrari is a known no-no in California.  It might crimp your style.

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I would love to know the total cost of this to Boss and family, 300,000 to the victim's family will be just the tip of the iceberg, buying off the judiciary and the entire police force does not come cheap, then there is buying all the experts and witnesses. Must be in the millions.

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Wow. I had root canal treatment 4-5 times in the past 20 years since I have been in Thailand. Should I turn myself in as a drug user?


The rest of the world is laughing their as.es off at the Thai (un)justice system.

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