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Red Bull "Boss" latest: Police claim cocaine was from dental treatment and suspect drank AFTER hit and run incident

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And the Red Bullsh!t goes on.......

One of their own was killed by this piece of **** and they come up with **** like this, I'd rather they just shut up.

I tell you what - if I ever decide to commit a string of serious crimes, I'm doing it in Thailand. I've never seen law enforcement elsewhere go so out of their way to support criminals and defend them

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Wow a hell of a good dentist. Of course cocaine still the number one painkiller used by every dentist in the world. Come on Thai police. I think you let Officer Crabtree do the investigation.





For people interested in dentistry read this 




or this one 


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4 hours ago, Thaiwrath said:


<deleted>.. lets see

independent dental evidence. Im sure someone was bought off. The whole country corrupt to the core 

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5 hours ago, GraveRobber said:

Whats the speed limit on that soi where this accident occured?

Why has the fleeing an accident scence charge been dropped?

Is it not a crime to operate a vehicule while under the influence?

Fleeing to avoid prosecution isnt that a crime?

They have more than enuff broken laws to charge this guy with.




Whatever the speed limit is/was, it certainly wasn't 177kph, which is what the expert scientifically estimated his speed as.

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Uh, just out of curiosity, purely curiosity, but where might one go to get this newfangled dental "cocaine" treatment? Wasn't aware that this had been allowed in the KOS.

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Bangkok- the capital of Thailand and a prospering city...you’d think in 2020 there would be an authentic forensic team / real criminalists to investigate any crime. Instead you have a bunch of clowns running around. I am no detective but looking at the collision damage on the front of the Ferrari tells me the driver was not going only 60 km an hour.  And even if Boss was innocent, why didn’t the young man phone an ambulance instead of hiding in his family villa? He’s definitely a lost soul with no empathy for others.

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