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Cha-Am: Well known seafood restaurant boss murdered in bed - size ten footwear the only clue

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2 hours ago, Speedhump said:

And maybe you are misusing the word 'professional' as I already said. 


Someone being paid 20 or even 50k here to off someone does not make them 'professional'. A goon with a gun is a goon with a gun. I don't accept your explanation of your comment.


Silencers exist in Thailand and can be purchased by those who are involved in this trade at a high level. You might remember the horrific mall shooting of an infant a few months ago. Someone using their inside position to obtain one illegally. A pro would use one in a home shooting. So, not a pro then, just a thug with a handgun.


To say there are not professional hitmen in Thailand is ludicrous (and a bit racist). 


And I could shoot the pants off you with handguns, good luck with your other small arms, army man, not interested. 

Ok i perfectly know what the guys like you are looking for here

and i am not intersted, so don't change anything you are definitively

the best in all matter and you are right on everything and everywhere


nb it was you using the word ''professional'' not me

and i have explained why it wasn't a real pro, exactly like you do

but doesn't matter, since obviously an intelligent and interessant

exchange of opinions isn't what you are searching here.


that was my last post responding to you 

as i said i have no any interest in your game

of course i let you the last word

i know how it's important for you



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There it is: 'guys like you'. Pathetic. You also boast about your small arms prowess and know all about the poor quality of Thai hitmen, but it's guys like me, right? Gotta love 'people like you'.... 

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On 8/1/2020 at 11:37 AM, toofarnorth said:

They are beach shoes invented in the 50s by a frenchman  Philippe Phalop. Obviously got shortened , who would say where are my Philippe Phalops .


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Police think 3 people were involved when all they have to go off is 3 size 10 flip flop prints, so are they looking for 3 one legged men with size 10 feet?


It doesn't say 3 sets of prints.

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The grouping of shots isn't that bad when you consider the target was horizontal (sleeping) and the shooter would be vertical from a bit of distance.  From an angle, hip, arm, chest and head are closer together than if standing.  Head shot was probably from closer range. The police think 3 people were involved, but it might be for other reasons than the flip flops. Police don't usually explain all the evidence they have from the scene.

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