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Waiting, Paying or Leaving? What are you planning to do?

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there are some people who can't get a new Visa in Thailand or an extension. They have to make a border run or apply for a new Visa outside Thailand. 

Unlike Tourists who can switch to a new Visa in Thailand, I personally ran out of options. 


In my case I'm on an ED Visa which I can't extend and my permission of stay expired during the amnesty. 

At the moment my embassy announced that they don't issue the letter anymore. 

I would like to study further so leaving isn't really an option but I only see 3 options left . 


1. Waiting and hoping that they will come up with a solution for those who need new Visa or hoping the Amnesty will be announced further . Which gives me a lot of headache.

2. Breaking up with my study and switch to a new Visa by paying an Agent. Which is absolute sad and useless but it would take away my worries.

3. Leaving and hoping my flight will not be canceled. 


However I would like to know from people who are in the same position then me, who can't get a new Visa or an extension until the 26 of September :

what are you planning to do? Or what have you done? 


Thank you. 

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I have a non O multi entry visa good till Nov 2020, I left Thailand end of Nov 2019 for medical reasons and then the China virus struck which meant no travel, I have since decided I will not be return

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100% agree with you. I'm stuck in the UK, my extension expires in January and I fear that I will not be able to get back with pathetic hoop jumping until way after that.  I own my own house in the UK,

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It's a fair question as some cannot get an ext, and if you are not married or over 50 you cannot get an ext even via an agent.


I suppose one argument is if you don't have a work permit, not married or retired then why are you here anyway. 


Without a crystal ball it's hard to say what will happen, ref another amnesty ext, or if borders are open etc..but it's still 2 months away so I would just chill for now, dude.

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