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Waiting, Paying or Leaving? What are you planning to do?

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6 hours ago, padthaininja said:



Meanwhile in Vietnam they are letting people pay and extend up to 3 months (no limit) I've read some who have already extended 3 times already! Why doesn't Thailand want my money?

@padthaininjaI heard about that too. But price for an extension in Vietnam is rising because of the lack of tourists.

Anyway someone wrote here that they don't allow it inside Thailand because that it has to do especially with money beside the immigration law. Ask yourself why should they allow everyone to get a Visa or an extension easy ,legal an official inside Thailand if people are starting to running to an agent and pay 10x more? Right, because we have no other choice, borders are closed and the fear of the end of the amnesty which the immigration is advertising everywhere let people buying visas.  I don't know if it's true or not but that's what's happening right now. It's like do you want to pay or end up deported. I don't say that they never will change it and allow us to go an official way but is a little bit like gambling if you have the courage to wait. 

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On 7/31/2020 at 1:02 PM, Keyser Soze666 said:

It's a fair question as some cannot get an ext, and if you are not married or over 50 you cannot get an ext even via an agent.


I suppose one argument is if you don't have a work permit, not married or retired then why are you here anyway. 


Without a crystal ball it's hard to say what will happen, ref another amnesty ext, or if borders are open etc..but it's still 2 months away so I would just chill for now, dude.

Another question would be, why and study what in Th??????

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On 7/31/2020 at 1:19 PM, PatOngo said:

Along with free professional medical care for the rest of my life.

Free medical care in the West? 

It's not free. It's paid by taxpayer's money or paid by contributions to a health insurance. 

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On 7/31/2020 at 1:30 PM, PatOngo said:

I lived and worked there for 30 years and payed plenty in taxes, although i earned some good money in Thailand, there are very little or no rights for farang regardless of being married, owning property,(only in wife's name) having highly educated children contributing to the local economy (albeit educated outside outside Thailand for educations sake) having assets there, I feel Thailand is best suited to Thai's who are only too prepared to bend over and cop the BS! I have quite a few long term expat friends who have left or will leave when travel permits!





If you live in Thailand for so long, married to a Thai woman, worked and paid taxes - you could have become Permanent resident and a citizen, and thus have all the rights a Thai person has,  long ago. It took you 30 years to realise it's not the place for you? 

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On 8/3/2020 at 2:17 AM, roobaa01 said:

good afternoon,


here my story of personal agony caused by the thai bs recent restrictions. i m married for 25 years to my thai wife both we are 64 years old. i left thailand in january 2020 for medical treatment bound for my home country germany. then covid struck. now i have cannot return to my wife for those useless restrictions barring me from entering the country where i lived on an extension of stay based on marriage to a thai national. my extnsion is becoming invalid on august 4th 2020, thereafter i would need to apply for a non o single entry in hamburg. however given the current restriction nonsense 1. certificate of entry, 2. covid 19 test 3. fit to fly certificate 4. quarantine hotel 14 days. 5. meeting at the embassy 400 km away. 

i got already a flight with klm and rebooked 3 times til 3.11.2020 with return 29.04.2021. why is a covid 19 test and a medical insurance not enough , why a stupid hotel booking for i have my owen residence in thailand.

I agree a covid 19 test and health insurance coverage euro 95000 is necesaary. I found AXA euro 195 6 months , unlimited treatment expenses and letter provided stating covid 19 is not excluded.  I have also sufficient fundsi n a my thai account.




I sympathise with you. It’s terrible. I hope they can make it easier for people in your situation.

Can you confirm that insurance price......195 euros for six months with AXA....unlimited medical.?

Did you use a broker And if so do you mind sharing his contact details...?

All the best.

I’m stuck in Australia...similar situation....terrible.

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