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The curious case of the tripping circuit breaker

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16 hours ago, brianthainess said:

I was lucky i had a good electrician, when my house was built, he told me " I will only use Panasonic sockets, if not i will not wire your house ! "   

I would be the first to tell you tough to find a real good technician of any kind in Thailand. Having spent years in the consumer market in China now here in Thailand name brands are good but don't fall into the complete trap when it comes to sockets for example surely greater piece of mind with a brand like Panasonic but there are copies?  Take batteries you go to 7/11 for Panasonic batteries they are more expensive than at a local shop reason they are copies but from the outside they nearly look identical.


Here is another experience and practice when I use to be in China, and I see this practice in Thailand? Lets use a top brand sport shoes company they need 1 million of John Doe shoes this 1 million is being sent to U.S. to be sold knowing the inspection process thereafter the rest are sold throughout SEA, standard of inspection (corruption?) the quality is less.


When I had my extension built years ago for the bathroom I picked some pretty good name brands fixture thinking just like you from HomePro, in particular I spent a good baht on this facet after a year it started to rust and far apart. Today whenever home I do some shopping at Home Depot for door locks, screws and bring it back to Thailand. Nevertheless I think you get the point Good Luck!

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1 of the phones is a huawai with the tiktok app and it's a chinese hacker screwing with you :wai:

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