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Family want 19 million baht damages from Nok Air after death of employee

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2 hours ago, Woodsie888 said:

It appears the tug was towing the plane and the tow bar became disconnected. Then, rather than driving out of the planes way, the driver decided to stop and the plane ran over him. The tug and driver were squeezed between fuselage and motor. I don't know much about it other than watching the video. In my view the tug driver could have avoided that tragedy very easily simply by driving out of the planes way. 

I was thinking that Maybe the pilot couldn't See the Tug , and yes He could have avoided this accident.

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Didn't Nok have group insurance to cover accidents like these?

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Posted (edited)

Pilot can usually see the tug/tractor on 737 when it is in directly in front of the aircraft connected by the tow bar, unless it is one of the small super tug models that actually lift and carry the nose wheel. They get in so close you cant see. 

  1. When pushback is complete the ground handler must confirm all ground equipment is clear before he advises the pilot it is safe to disconnect headset.
  2. The pilot then clears the handler to disconnect the headset.
  3. The marshaler (guy with wands) watches the operation from a forward position and again confirms all ground equipment is clear. Only then will he give the clear to taxi wand salute.
  4. The pilots confirm the clear to taxi signal was received from by the marshaller.
  5. Finally after taxi clearance id received both pilots must visually scan the area prior to movement. All ground movement after the clear to taxi signal is received is the sole responsibility of the pilot in command

One or more of these common steps was not accomplished. If you deviate from standard operating procedures, expect problems.


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