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Super-fit Solihull man battling horrific injuries after high speed motorbike crash in Thailand

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18 minutes ago, bodga said:

Thats interesting , interesting others  feel its stupid and dangerous in the  village,  but would  they still  shout that if  he drove sedately? because even at  11 years  old  its  still  too  young.

Not all the adults put up with nonsense from their kids, the neighbour who shouts at the boy has 3 young kids who are all too young to drive but do anyway. He does at least try to ensure they drive slowly (they do when he can see them).


They are all good kids though and generally well behaved and cared for.



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Super fit he may be, but he didn't train his brain as much as his muscles....

What a bloody idiot, no helmet lucky he is not dead. Now a go fund me to pay his medical bills. Rides a motorbike, no helmet, just a clown.

How can you type up such a nasty comment regarding someone who had a serious accident. He is injured badly for Christ's sake..   Truly hope he recovers and makes it through as best as he can

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14 minutes ago, jak2002003 said:

Last night at the village shop some old guy with torch on his head (his old scooter had no lights), a dog sitting in the middle and a boy of about 10 years old on the back.


Man very drunk...orders more Lao Kai. After chat with other old guys he leaves to go home, telling the kid to get on the front of the bike and drive him and the dog home as he too drunk.


Kid, old man and dog no helmets. Kid drives off on the old bike with no lights into the road, narrowly missing another bike passing by, to which people think funny, then off they go into the darkness.



Yes I see this too everyday. It's almost like the parents want them to drive to have a designated driver. On these bike/sidecar combinations the youngest of the 5 or so people on them is always the driver. Insane.

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23 hours ago, rooster59 said:

Super-fit Solihull man battling horrific injuries after high speed motorbike crash in Thailand

He may Have been Super fit but Not Super Smart . Not wearing a Helmet Maybe would've Void his Insurance . If he Had Renewed it

His choice to stay in Los  But Didn't Renew his Travel Insurance , After it  Expired . I am afraid it's a Self inflicted Drama.        Now in the Go fund Me Charity.


Travel Insurance :


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Some Single Trip Policies May Be Extended

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21 hours ago, Nanaplaza666 said:

He wasn't wearing a helmet and he was on the way to the gym so i geuss a drive he did many times . He is living in thailand so he should know the risks of not wearing a helmet and for sure speading . Accidents like this happen every day here in thailand and i don't see go fund me for those people . Looking at the pictures he is living the live having a house with a pool home gym and he's a investment banker so i geuss he has more money to spend then most of us here . Sorry to be so blunt but i think they have to try to solve their own bill before asking people for money , maybe sell the house and rent something or whatever but he caused this accident by his own stupidity . I DO HOPE HE MAKES IT AND WILL RECOVER . 

Well said! Neither too much nor too little! One can disapprove without being only negative 👍

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When I see a farang on the road without a helmet on his scooter I think he lacks intelligence
When I see a farang  on the road without a helmet on a big motorcycle I think he's a fool.
For the Thais I don't think anything, they are too many.

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I remember awhile back a TV member , I think Brit, had a heart problem and asked for help and a GoFunfMe was started. A bunch of TV keyboard warriors said oh it's a scam and he's dodgey ect even thought others said they knew  him and his wife Pie. Many said because he did not discuss every little detail of upcoming operation don't  contribute. He finnaly got the money from an undisclosed TV member but died from complications of the operation. I gave then and still send money sometimes to his wife , guess I'm just that kind of guy. 100% of us agree that it was stupid to not wear a helmut/gear when driving a big bike at speed but if you don;t want to contribute don't ,very simple. So far as scaming rumor/possible but no charges/warrants for him so how about we drop the hate and just move and hope he recovers and does the same. Wow so many hatefull bitter men on this site.

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On 8/1/2020 at 4:21 PM, Wazoo said:

Hmmm.   Seems I am not news worthy... 

Taken out by thai not looking and pulling out.


Busted pelvis,right side, shattered wrist, internal bleeding, broken fingers on both hands, dislocated right shoulder, exploded left testical, broken left foot. 1 million thb and my expat club insurance paid 220k.. oh I know why; i live here, married and have a thai family to look after..and i wore a crash helmet.. so be it.  :0) 

The Thai should've paid.

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2 hours ago, Westie1 said:

This lad seems to be really flush with money(I did a quick dive on fbook) . I don't see why the family are looking for a handout

Or managed to chain a lot of debts to buy or rent stuff to show off with. 

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