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Trump says will ban TikTok amid pressure on Chinese owner to sell

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Tiktok IS an National Security risk as it runs a proxy server on users' phones, allowing chinese hackers to hack anything while hiding their identities behind these users, i.e. using american IP addre

Recall, if you can, when Republicans and Trump were all up in arms over the number of executive orders Obama gave and what a horrible overstep of authority that was and spelled doom for the republic.

No one's listening Trump.  Stomp your feet more and hold your breath.  Who knows what color he will turn.

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1 hour ago, tomazbodner said:

What exact regulation/laws is Trump using to ban TikTok? I've never used the thing and don't intend to, so I'm just bystander in this case, but still... is everything National Security risk?


What happens if American companies start getting banned around the World for "national security", demanding they are sold to someone else? Imagine Google or Apple or Microsoft or Amazon being forced to sell? I'm not saying anyone has guts to do that, and US is already sanctioning countries who dared to tax their online monsters, which eventually the whole World will, at ever increasing rate.


I'm just asking which specific line in international law or even US law gives Trump the right to ban or force sale of foreign companies?


Several major apps and websites are banned in the PRC, or heavily monitored in Russia. Other, smaller countries have similar restrictions. So some markets are off limits (or very limited) to some American firms.  I don't know that such banning/monitoring is dependent on international law.

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2 hours ago, AsiaCheese said:

And your competent source for that would be?



1 hour ago, tomazbodner said:

I'm controlling what apps can access. Surely a calculator requires no access to camera or call history, SMS and phone book. Whatever makes no sense is turned off, and if app breaks or demands access before letting me use it, rubbish bin gets fed.

the fun part with Android is that it allows you to restrict anything only AFTER an app requested (and received) that access. you can not install an app and restrict everything _before_ you have opened that app.

I haven't read much about latest iOS privacy functions but they look very promising.

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