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Lazada Camera Prices

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4 hours ago, Speedhump said:

I would suggest that some products might be extremely good  copies made in the Far East. Actually I did buy an HXJS webcam through them last month which was clearly not an authentic product and returned it, but usually I find their sellers are OK. I bought a Logitech one from them after which is spot on. You pay peanuts and.... 


But don't buy from AliExpress. They don't seem to have much wish to control the quality of their sellers. You may get sent a cardboard box with a pinhole in it. 


I'm speaking from bitter recent experience. 

If there's a product you want from let's say 3 sellers, you must scroll down a bit and check the warranty. For a camera or a phone it should be at least 12 months,some offers even 15 months. That's the real deal. And products through Lazmall are guaranteed ok and usually have at least 12 months warranty. If it says no warranty or 7 days, avoid that seller. 

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9 hours ago, Peterphuket said:

Do you know Lazada belongs to Ali?

Yes and completely irrelevant. Lazada online customer care is a higher standard by far. Do they say when you return an item because it's fake or faulty that you may have to pay the postage? No, but AliExpress do. Plus Lazada live online customer liaison. Plus to my mind more interest in monitoring the performance of their sellers. No comparison. 

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