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Australia's Victoria to toughen coronavirus lockdown: media

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This is a discussion forum.  Let's refrain from posting meme's without discussion.  One post has been removed.  


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23 hours ago, utalkin2me said:

The equation is pretty simple. You are either gonna pay now (Sweden), or pay later (which everyone does).


If you pay later, add on top of your fee those that will suffer and die because of the lockdown. 


The equation is best when you pay now. Wear masks, slow the spread, protect the vulnerable, and you will be much better off in the long run.


Australia is actually proof. They had this thing almost 100% contained by way of strict measures early on. They paid a lot, and received nothing for that. We are seeing that now. 


The reality is a relative few, compared to the entire population, ignored government requests / directives to mitigate the spread of Covid, which led to the rapid increase in the past weeks in MLB with enormous economic cost and it is still happening with people being arrested and fined. A more extreme example is two young women who flew to MLB, via SYD, from BNE for a shop lifting spree. When arriving back in BNE they did not declare they had been in MLB and proceeded to spread Covid in a number of places. The actions of just these two people has had a big impact in SE QLD. A small example - I do volunteer work, Meals on Wheels and now have to fill out a declaration that I have not visited any of the locations visited by the two women, plus of course all the venues they visited have been closed for a while, track and trace and so on; again a huge cost just because two people were <deleted>#[email protected]!^

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