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Vitamin D blood test in Chiang Mai

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Does anyone know where I can get a Vitamin D blood test done. I have tried to obvious places, hospital web sites but they do not seem to either work properly of do not state what blood tests they do. 

I have read that low levels of Vitamin D can weaken your immune system this is especially pertinent to people with dark skin. In current climate I would like my wife to have a test. We are already taking a vitamin D supplement,

but if her levels are not high enough then we may have to increase the dose.

For those that are interested I have attached the following link. 



If anyone know where I can get a test done I would be grateful.


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28 minutes ago, Rotweiler said:

Does she ever go out in the sun or only stay inside hunched over a computer?  If she does go out, a test is not necessary.

You can't possibly know that especially if she is darker skinned. 

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As inferred above, go to one of the better hospitals and inquire if they can do it.  If they do not have the capability on site, they will send a blood specimen to Bangkok for analysis. 

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We use Lanna Lab at 129/255 Mahidol Road. They are very reasonable priced and usually very responsive.


It is on a small soi on the opposite side of the road from Chiang Mai Land. Heading towards the airport it is the small soi on the left before the 7/11. Less than 100 meters down on the right side.


The last number I had for them is 53 275 131.

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There are plenty of labs in chiang mai to visit or just go to Ram Hospital and they have a complete lab that will do the test. The cost of doing blood work has gone up in price over the last 5 years. Hospitals are not much more than the private clinics.

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