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New 90 day report date November 2020

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4 minutes ago, Tanoshi said:

According to the official announcement (not the infographic) your permission of stay and the requirement not to file a 90 day report is until Sept 26th.

There's your argument !

Not going to get into the POS side of it again. I have different interpretation.

Regarding the 90 day report during August, both yourself and ubonjoe regard this as "optional". That's certainly good enough for me. The point is if it's optional why would folk do it. 

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You cannot be fined for not doing one since under the ministerial order they are still suspended until after September 26th. The info on the infographic is only a request that people get caught u

I was thinking the same about doing mine in mid August so now we have a conundrum. What if everybody is thinking that too. Then the big "Ruah" will be at that time. So now I will have to change to nex

I think you are the one reading something wrong. The ministerial order approved on April 7th clearly states they are suspended and it is has been extended again until September 26th. I skipp

12 minutes ago, DrJack54 said:

The point is if it's optional why would folk do it. 

I will try to do mine this month since I will be going to immigration for my extension. That means I will not be due to November.

I am not sure their will be that many people that will be making up for skipped reports this month due to reading many posts by people that have done them when they were not required.


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14 hours ago, Scott Tracy said:

Your logic is unsound. It would just bunch everyone on the 180 day mark.


My post referred to 180 days after original 90 day date, in which case people would have the same separation that they would have had if they reported then. Then again I suppose it is foolish to associate Immigration and logic 🙂

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