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looking for a good carwash in Pattaya

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my goto place (Quickcarwash) for the last 3 years has closed its business in Pattaya.

Does anyone know a decent place to get your car washed in Pattaya?

I'm not looking for the blokes who are doing it for 100 Baht and make more scratches then cleaning nor the crazy expensive ones for 600+ Baht.

Some good quality cleaning for around 300 Baht would be fine.


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555 I cannot stop laughing !


So funny that you think that a car wash cannot be good for 100 thb but that quikcarwash "automatic" (myazz) was good !


NEVER my car came perfectly clean from Quikcarwash but my usual car wash that charges 160 inside/outside is better than any car wash that you can find in USA.


You clearly show that you know nothing, so take some time to learn and maybe you might understand.


Anyway, if a carwash is good it doesn't close or relocate as QCW. Who closes a business in Pattaya to open it in a $hithole if business is good ? So funny.


Anyway also, if automatic carwash business was so good and possible in Thailand, don't you think that many millionaires would have open hundreds places already ? There is nothing else to say to explain how ridiculous it is to spend millions to open an automatic car wash in Thailand !


I have found this about quikcarwash, but not must information:








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There us a terrific car wash on Sukumvit going South, not far from Theprasit.  It is across from Tesco Lotus, directly south of Hafele.  There is no English sign, just a driveway.  They do a very fine job inside and out for 180 baht.  Highly recommend it!

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