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Do I have to do my 90 report due date?

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8 minutes ago, fred110 said:

OK, thanks, you have to scroll in that box. I tried 3 times, it says contact immigration. I'm due the 18th so it should work but I'll try tomorrow. 

You need to 'tick' the small square to the left of the *I have read ... text.

Also be aware that your NEXT 90-day report will be exactly 90 days after submitting your present one on-line, so might be useful to wait till approx 2-3 days before your due date.

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4 hours ago, ubonjoe said:

Did you tick the box at the bottom of the terms and conditions.


After "Accept" you should get his display below; clear out your browser cache and cookies before you start.


I have found some conflicts with not having a clean browser environment when loading up the 90 day reporting url. Why? I have no idea as I don't have time to debug it now but it certainly has worked for me.




Yesterday I had my 90 day report approved; printed off the main approval document and then went back to print the "next appointment notification" under it; stupid software would not trigger the widget to display the pdf file for the next appointment for printing.


Cleared the Browser (Google Chrome) reentered the url and then went back into it via: "Check the status of your application" by passport number and selected the search widget at the end of the approval summary entry on the right.








I was then able to print off my next appointment pdf.


So just my observations, try to clean out your browser cache and cookies before you start and if you get stuck along the way (assuming your information in the IM database and your field entries on the TM 47 form are aligned you should be ok).


I was in a hurry doing my 90 day report yesterday (silly me I know) and I screwed it up and it was rejected; I noted some small variances between the fields on the first 90 day report I very did and the next following report.  (visa date I am allowed to stay in Thailand and a special service option box I inadvertently ticked ##$%$%#$%@#)


It was rejected, so after seeing the errors of my way I submitted another one; presto the next morning when IM staff came on board the second attempt was approved. 


So persistent some time works.


Google Chrome (clear Cache and Cookies and other items - you can choose not to select passwords and Autofill Form data if necessary) 




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37 minutes ago, berrec said:

Google Chrome (clear Cache and Cookies and other items - you can choose not to select passwords and Autofill Form data if necessary) 

You can also use a incognito window on Chrome. Cache and cookies are not used when using one.

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