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Thai PM assures no interference in justice process, insists doubts over Red Bull heir case be cleared

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Anyone who has lived in Thailand for any amount time has seen multiple variations of the same story.   Everyone knows that the only people who will ever be held accountable are the underling

Wasn't there an independent investigation  into his mentor's very expensive watch collection? Expect the same-same result.

Another empty investigation with plenty of full brown envelopes.

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53 minutes ago, Hayduke said:


The course of Thai justice is clear...and must be followed in accordance with established procedure:



- A billionaire commits murder.

- A suitably massive bribe is negotiated and paid.

- The case is closed.



These standard, time-honored aspects of Thai justice are above reproach and …no interference will be tolerated.



It works everywhere in Thailand including Koh Tao.

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If the money, time and effort being expended in the attempt to fabricate the innocence of this little piece of <deleted> was used toward education, road safety or a myriad of other needs maybe this really would be the land of smiles.  

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