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Expats believe Thailand is correct to keep its borders closed to foreign tourists

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Expats believe Thailand is correct to keep its borders closed to foreign tourists




Expats say they think Thailand is doing the right thing by keeping its borders closed to foreign tourists, according to a straw poll conducted on the Thaivisa Facebook page.


The poll was carried out between 27 July - 3 August on more than 9,600 people to gauge their reactions to the ban on international arrivals, put in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in Thailand. 


Respondents were asked: COVID-19: Do you think Thailand is correct to keep its borders closed to foreign tourists?


58% voted ‘yes’, while 42% voted ‘no’.


Opinions were mixed from those commenting on the poll.


Facebook user Brad James wrote: Unfortunately yes... looking at Europe..Spain has seen a spike in cases after tourism reopened & now borders (sic) with France and Portugal have been closed. The UK & other countries have stopped all but essential travel to Spain, no tourist travel. If Thailand can survive without the foreign tourists then they should keep their country safe.


As a foreigner, I would respect their choice though I wonder how many more people will lose their jobs. It would be their choice too. I respect it, wrote Nori Norihito


Adam Wysocki said the onus should be on the Thai government to help those in need: But the Thai Govt need to do a better job taking care of displaced Thai tourism workers who’ve lost their jobs!


Dan Goodwin questioned the amount of testing that has been carried out in Thailand: I’m sure if Thailand did the same amount of testing as other countries did their numbers would be much higher.


Mario De Clippelier said that despite being impacted by the closing of the borders, he was still in favour: Yes they are. See what's happening in Belgium right now : people returning from vacation and the second wave has started. I hate closing the borders becoz i should be in Thailand right.


Lars Larsen painted an altogether grimmer picture of the future: No, they’re waiting for a vaccine that may never come. Then what? Economy destroyed for nothing. The things following this are much more dangerous than (sic) the virus.


Bill Lawrence said: Yes, and I live in Hong Kong. I'd love to make my annual rainy season trip to Chiang Mai. But Thailand is doing the right thing.


Roy Martin: I would say for tourists and vacationers yes but for people who have family here let them come with proper testing and quarantine procedures


One of the comments that got the biggest reaction was from Ian Fitton, who wrote:

They have lost 58 lives due to (sic) the COVID 19 pandemic, destroyed their already depleting economy, made 8 million unemployed. 50/60 people die everyday on Thai roads but they do little or nothing to change this diedemic!!!


The news comes as officials in various sectors of the tourism industry continue to explore ways in which foreign tourists may be able to visit Thailand safely. 


Last week, the idea of Koh Samui, Koh Phi Phi and Phuket being the first destinations to welcome tourists was mooted again. 


Officials had said previously that safe travel corridors could be established to the islands, with the idea being that a lockdown would be more straightforward in the event an outbreak should occur.


It is not known when Thailand will lift its ban on international arrivals, although it has begun lifting some of the restrictions put in place to stop foreigners from entering the country.


On Friday it was confirmed that Thailand Elite Card holders, some business people and those who come to Thailand for medical treatment will be able to enter the country.


Foreigners who hold permanent residency or work permits will also be able to enter but all must undergo 14 day quarantine.



-- © Copyright Thai Visa News 2020-08-04

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2 hours ago, webfact said:

Thailand Elite Card holders

oh yes  the  card  that makes your  life  easier😂

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2 hours ago, SidJames said:

Some expats think the borders should be shut until there is a vaccine for death.

Some also think the world is flat.

The world's not flat, I'll be damned.

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2 minutes ago, ThailandRyan said:

The world's not flat, I'll be damned.

It is sort of but has radiused corners on the edges.

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