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Law change to light up Thai medical cannabis market

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4 hours ago, DrTuner said:

Tik-tok-tik-tok .. counting the seconds to the end of the charade when they can legalize it without losing face. You know it's coming.

Agreed, legalization in some form is coming and it couldn't happen too soon.

   When I first came here in the late '70s ganja was almost as easy to buy as beer. Laws were on the books but they were widely ignored.

   It was in the cities, in the villages  and on the islands.

   Then came the War on Drugs and along with a draconian crackdown on grass a whole new line of designer drugs became available for the affluent while there was always plenty of yah-bah for the proles.

   An eventual return to ganja would be history repeating itself here.

   It remains to be seen if it will repeat itself as tragedy or as farce.

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