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Cm-CR Rt 118 Washout Repair Timeline?

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Green Bus Office says the 118 flood/washout detour route (Payao-Lampahn?) is 6+ hours to get from Chiang Mai (CM) to Chiang Rai (CR). 

Green Bus Office would also not speculate (understandable) when Rt 118 repairs would allow normal traffic that route again.

A smaller washout a month or two back was repaired for traffic flow in a few days, but of course this washout is much bigger.


Is anybody privy to any announcements by Thai Roads & Highway Dept Officials ref a forcasted date traffic can get thru on 118? 

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The temporary bridge in Doi Saket is meant to be completed today. Only question is whether it will take heavy vehicles or not. The next problem is further up as there has been flooding on the Chiang Rai end of the road as well - might be clear be now. 

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