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Language settings on a laptop

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A month ago I had to take my laptop or an IT guy to have the Wi-Fi adapter replaced. 

Went back the next day to pick it up and he had installed a new version of Windows (without this having ever been discussed OR a part of the wifi-adapter problem). Anyways, now everything is in Thai (grrrrrrr!!!!!!). Is there a quick way for a novice like myself to switch everything to English, or do I have to take it back to him and have the English language version reinstalled? 


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In the taskbar at the bottom right hand side of my screen, between the speakers symbol and the time, there is a language setting.  On mine it says "ENG" and if I click on it I get the choice of installed languages.  If you have some Thai text instead of "ENG" click on it and see if you have the option to change back.



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