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Does anyone know anything about the medical visa (90 days) I seen someone mention in another post.


I'm wondering what it entails and what documents you need.


The extension for 90 days seems about the same price as flight back to Europe.



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I thought that is why an agent would charge the 17,000 mentioned.


I seen a hospital charged 3,500 for documents, certificates, and cost of extension.


So they would maybe get a bit extra and agent/immigration would split the rest.

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Without the services of an agent, the major hospital where you are an in patient will normally provide the appropriate documentation (including, at strict immigration offices, photographic proof that you are incapacitated in hospital). Without actually being in hospital, a signed and stamped letter from a doctor at a major hospital stating that you are totally unfit to fly might suffice at some lenient offices. However, applications for medical extensions are looked at very sceptically, and the very fact that you are able to visit an immigration office tends to be looked at as evidence that you could travel to an airport and get on a plane.

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