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This is just a bit of fun, so Yinn please don't take too much offence.


I was bored the other day and realised that my phone still had Tinder on it from way back before I met my wife. I thought I would fire it up just to look at some pictures of nice girls, my profile was out of date but who cares. And I was shocked by what I found, but then I shouldn't be as I'm way out in the boonies here (I specified the maximum distance possible and any ages). A couple of points:


1. Even moderately attractive girls seem to put wording in their profiles now such "no FWB, no ONS, no holiday girl, no sex" etc. So I'm not sure exactly what they are looking for, what we in the west would call a "friend", maybe?

2. There are many which just say "freelancer". Screw that, if I want one of those I'll go and find one in person so that I don't end up with a 5 foot 2 version of Chewbacca knocking on my hotel door.

3. There seems to be an inordinate amount of ladyboys on there, but at least most of them admit it. Again, not for me.

4. Many of the girls say "long-term relationship only with a view to marriage". I wonder how many right-swipes they get? Can't be many.

5. Also I would say about a third of the ladies on there are off limits for aesthetic reasons.


So what does that leave? Not very much for the a single guy looking for a bit of fun, and around here, nothing at all. Deleted my profile and the app now seeing as I am married, but god that was depressing. Who uses Tinder then puts "no sex" in the listing? Jesus wept.

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