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Friend used a visa "agent", for a medical visa but no hospital. Trouble? Anybody ever done this?

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It is unlikely that he will be in trouble, but not impossible. It is always a concern when the permission to stay comes from a different office to the one immigration knows is your local one. All the

I moved around many times and never had immigration check on me. Do you look suspicious so that they come to check on you?

From the op: Paid 20K

1 hour ago, pavierre said:

He didn't get the stamp at immigration, it was stamped for him at another immigration office and then mailed back to him

Which immigration office was that?

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Suddenly the whole buffet of visa options available... Medical, Volunteer, Education...


I'dlike to wait for Volunteer success stories, but the time is ticking for Education option... Now this Medical, too.


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18 hours ago, vermin on arrival said:

so it takes 10-14 business days and costs 18-20k?


Yep that's what others say about Medical, but it's 3 months only... does it have extensions?


For the Volunteer thingy I'm trying to check more options (agencies), time is still OK (3-4 weeks processing).


ED also OK for me (I entered March, can do the winter), but deadline is tight, and I'm not into Thai language.


We have these 3 threads running now, good source of information, thanks everybody.

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