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Thailand to get its first electric ferry service soon

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The aluminium maybe lighter but it takes up to 9 times more energy to produce than steel.  Now they have batteries with acid thrown into the equation and what acid is it...Sulphuric acid...which eats aluminium. Or maybe they will use some other battery like Lithium ion!  Hell the batteries will cost more than the boat!  

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7 hours ago, Geoffggi said:

I hope they have thought about re-charging facilities ...............LOL

Thet are SOLAR powered.

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On 8/6/2020 at 11:54 AM, perconrad said:

A well maintained diesel engine, in a boat or truck, do not smoke to be seen.


In Scandinavia there are many electric ferries they have batteries and some are bigger than the picture.

Norway have a lot of e-ferries now - However Norway have both oil and Hydroelectric energy available so from that aspect it makes sense to use electricity - The e-ferries that are made now tend to all be made with Li-ion batteries. It is always a interesting calculation to do total life cost - and calculate for pollution.  The ferry itself does not have enough surface to allow it to be charged with solar power (just supply top-up for A/C systems etc ...)  However if a solar farm was set up - exporting to the grid - then supplied back as needed. That does stack up if done correctly.  Several commercially viable  solar plant in Malaysia. 

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