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'Do you really need to party?' WHO asks world's youth

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Yes, that is what young people do.  Unless there is really strong enforcement, kids will be kids.  They will party, they will live recklessly and they will throw caution to the wind.   You can't reall

WHO wants everyone to lock themselves in their rooms at home alone for the rest of their life. It's not gonna happen.

I like read international news.   It not only youth. Old idiots same.   Everyday the story in UK news is about when can go a Pub, holidays to Spain, beauty shop, etc. Covid parties

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8 hours ago, Yinn said:

In USA similar, and fighting together so much, lefty and right, Black and white, republican and Democrat and fight statues.

Selfish idiots.

Yes, they all fight with each other and who wins the fight ?

Corvid 19 wins 

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temporary chemical castration would definitely have benefits in the short term... bromide was used on the troops. Given all the STD sgoing around, not that effective I suppose!

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7 hours ago, OneMoreFarang said:

Looking at the world today it should not be too difficult for the young people to see what the older generations f$#$# up over the last decades and centuries.

The world is anyhow going down the drain and life for the now young people will be likely difficult when they are older.

Having that in mind I think it's not too difficult to understand when they want to have some fun in their life.

Is there behavior responsible? No.

Was the behavior from all the older generations always responsible? No

Nobody should be surprised that the young act now like the former young acted 50 years ago.

You're talking about the West? 

There's young people in other parts of the world, eg in Thailand. 

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WHO killed about 10x the deaths from corona already indirectly. Yes we do need to party and we will, because there is no reason not to and its more likely to die from alcohol poisoning.

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1 minute ago, The Barmbeker said:

Oh, bull****!

There were hundreds every day, who sat together, drank together, party together- from the villages in Isan to Bangkok and beyond!

Thais are not the Ubermenschen, you (or your friend Yinn) make them out to be!

Motorcycle helmets, anyone!?

I cannot speak for all of Thailand , but where I was, the no gathering and drinking rule was fully adhered to 

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10 hours ago, webfact said:

Do you really need to party?' WHO asks world's youth

this it's like the forbidden fruit....555

Forbidden Fruit: Do We Want Who /What We Can’t Have?

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The WHO has no credibility and can't be trusted to recommend advise!


 Feb 3,2020 .Did you really need to recommend! -

 "on Monday there was no need for measures that “unnecessarily interfere with international travel and trade” in trying to halt the spread of a coronavirus that has killed 361 people in China".



Three hundred and sixty one, grew to over 700k world wide. Many deaths are  because of your recommendations.

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