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Western food sold in Thai village shop

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5 minutes ago, Matzzon said:

Just roughly all from 1,5-2M baht. That does not include land.


That´s just an estimate, but probably very close to the truth. After that you are looking at about 30-40k per month in fee.

Ok cheers Matzzon

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I think that idea still sounds like a shop and it may have been done before 🤔

7 - 11 Ring a bell.

How did you come up with such an inventive idea? Anybody helped you?   No, it won´t work! The reason is that you can not compete with 7-Eleven, at the same time as you can never sell good qu

On 8/6/2020 at 11:54 AM, colinneil said:

Dream on mate, there could be a profit,🤣 Every village shop is in debt, due to giving everybody credit.

A Thai friend of mine had a village shop, she told me i was 1 of her only cash paying customers.

I told her, stop giving credit, i cannot stop credit, or my customers will go to another shop, hells teeth woman, let them go, you are struggling to survive, and still giving credit.

Have shop for a few years now, never give credit !

So no debt for us, and reasonable profits. Makes good money, but as always, would be nice to make more

But we mainly sell to school children, with school opposite, so small amounts, but many many sales of  toys, snacks and drinks

Mostly do 5 days week, so time to relax if wanted. \But due to rules, being so close to school, we are not supposed to sell beer and cigs, which would be good sellers, get asked so often 


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On 8/6/2020 at 1:27 PM, Saltire said:

My wife and i have discussed making/selling pretty much everything on your list at some point but it always comes down to a max price of 20 baht for anything to sell, even without the 'western' aspect of the food. This is generally not economically viable but I fully understand why you are looking at it.


The one item that may work is soft-serve ice cream. One lady from the village bought a converted trailer selling chocolate and or vanilla soft-serve a few months ago and it is still doing a roaring trade, however a cone is only 10 Baht and its not very big.


A successfull chef returning from Dubai a few years ago opened a small steak place where a steak (pork and beef with fries) cost 40 Baht. It was delicious, we were regulars. A month later no steak, not many wanted it and he changed to all the usual 20/30 baht standard Thai dishes, pad krapow etc.


The closest 7/11 to me is one hour by car.



nearest 7-11 to me is 30 minutes, so looking at enlarging our shop, to make it like a poor mans 7-11

too many shops here sell the same stuff, usually in a dark, dirty and dismal shop.we already do well on drinks, snacks and toys, with some basic foodstuff for the adults, but fancy making a smaller version of 7-11 , so hopefully, they will come to us, instead of trailing all the way to town. Just got to sort out fixtures and fittings, second hand ones, sort out what we think will sell good, then with a few small changes, it would be good to go

We already have the shop, so no problem extending into the adjoining building, which is tiled, air con, and most of electrics and things

I never understand why so many village shops, try and sell in dirty dark shops, then give credit . Its not that expensive to tile/paint floors, paint walls, fit simple but good lighting, so at least the customers might actually enjoy spending their money 

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The shop next door sells cones of dipped ice cream for 10 bht.


I love extra mayo on my pizza.

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I have resided in a Thai rice growing village for 16 years, most Thai's do not like western foods. Plain and Simple, the young are different they are willing to try it. My MIL eats whole beans without mashing, a thick flour tortillas, and calabasitas (made with zucchinis). After years of my making my home party specialty hot spicy BBQ pork ribs and chicken winglets my old friends will eat those. Like anyone else Thai's love their mothers cooking and the foods, they grew up on. After eating great expensive western ice cream my wife and family prefer the Thai made kind serve on a hotdog bun. My two year old grandson will refuse chocolate candy, but loves breathe mints, TIT !

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