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lee b

Have you ever had a paranormal experience?

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3 minutes ago, OneMoreFarang said:

It seems like almost all Thais believe in ghosts. And almost all Thais who I asked about it told me they saw ghosts.

I never saw any ghost.

So which one is true?

It's obviously difficult to impossible to prove that something does not exist.

But there is also the issue that sometimes we believe we see or hear something for the first time and in reality it isn't the first time.


I.e. maybe at some stage you saw that guy or a picture of him and maybe you knew he was living there and forgot about it. But then somehow you, or your subconscious, remembered something. 

Was what you saw real?

Did you imagine it?

Why like this and not different?

I think nobody really knows. It's very unlikely but is it impossible? I guess it is possible.


I think the important part is what you "learn" from this. Will it change your behavior or attitudes in any way? Do you think you should change in any way? Or was is just an interesting experience and that's it?

Its not the first time I have seen things. But in this experience, I have only know the girl for just over half a year. Never met her husband, never seen a picture of him as she has always been very secretive about him, and never been to the aparment before. Even when my freinds took over her aparment, all of her pictures were placed in drawers.

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1 minute ago, ExpatOilWorker said:

You went to a house or a condo?

Why didn't you take a picture of the guy?

condo, I couldnt take a picture as there was nobody there lol

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Soi 6...............

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