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Thai chicken industry cuts production as global demand drops

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Thai chicken industry cuts production as global demand drops

By The Nation




Thai chicken exports rose less than expected in the first half of this year, due to the Covid-19 fallout, the Thai Broiler Processing Exporters Association said.


Thailand exported 470,000 tonnes of chicken in the first six months, up 2 per cent year on year, with export value of Bt54 billion, up Bt1 billion.


The Covid-19 pandemic caused Thailand’s two main markets, the European Union and Japan, to cut chicken imports, said Kukrit Arepagorn, the association's manager.


"Chicken exports to the EU dropped by 10 per cent as the Covid-19 situation there is not yet resolved. We expect Thailand to export 280,000 tonnes of chicken to the EU this year, down from 330,000 tonnes last year," he said.


Meanwhile, chicken exports to Japan only rose by 2 per cent because the virus outbreak had hit tourism and forced the country to postpone the Tokyo Olympic Games, reducing demand.


However, he said exports to China and Singapore had increased by 100,000 tonnes and 20,000 tonnes respectively in the first six months.


"Although demand for chicken in China increased, Thailand cannot increase production because China is ordering only chicken wings and feet," he said. "Currently, chicken breast cannot be exported to the EU, causing a decline in price."


He said the situation in the second half of this year would not improve because the Covid-19 situation in the EU persists, adding that the association had kept its chicken export target this year at 980,000 tonnes.


"If the EU contains the spread of Covid-19 and a vaccine is becomes available, the chicken export situation will get brighter," he said. "Currently, we are trying to find markets in neighbouring countries who may be seeking more chicken as the pork price is high."


He added that most Thai chicken businesses have cut production in line with falling demand.


However, "production costs have not increased much as the price of corn and soybean remain stable", he added.


Source: https://www.nationthailand.com/news/30392559



-- © Copyright The Nation Thailand 2020-08-07
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I used to call chicken ping "s**t on a stick" which my missus scoffed at, one day she asked the vendor for the parsons nose variety, I was right all along ! 

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If the demand from China is for chicken feet a bit of genetic engineering is needed. We need 4 legged chicken. 

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Said already. Sorry.
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1 hour ago, Bender Rodriguez said:

too many hormones?


Cooked chicken CAN be exported to the EU from Thailand but not currently from Vietnam.

Believe it or not, the exported chicken is generally of very good quality and is hormone-free for the EU market


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2 hours ago, Bender Rodriguez said:

too many hormones?

Nah, They cook them too long so they end up dry and taste like card board.

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